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Private Lable Custom Branded GPS Tracking Website

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We are pleased to offer private-label branding to our authorized dealers.
Now you can offer your clients a hi-tech web-based and real-time GPS Tracking solution like no other in the market? By becoming a partner with us you would not need to spend allot of money on software, hardware, servers, debugging costs, and sophisticated development like we did. In approximately 15 business days, you may be up and running with your own branded real-time web-based tracking system, which you may easily market online and offer to your own existing or new clients.

Your custom GPS Tracking Website can also be integrated into your own website with your embed logo & your Company Name., etc

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Our GPS Tracking Solution can save you thousands and thousands of dollars and time and help you get your own branded GPS Tracking web site that you may market to this demanding market and potential clients. Act fast to this limited time offer and begin making money right away.

Do you even realize the value of being able to offer vehicle tracking services, personal tracking services and asset tracking services to potential clients with your own web-based business. Start up a new business venture today or integrate this GPS Tracking Solution to your already existing business and start making "continuous recurring revenue" with our proven GPS technology...It is very simple !....we have done all the hard work and spent thousands and thousands of dollars in the development and technology you don't have to re-invent the wheel !

With our proven GPS Tracking Technology and GPS Tracking Servers, you control all aspects of the system and are free to charge your customers what ever you may wish. Our GPS vehicle tracking software can bring great savings for any business that needs to enhance fleet efficiency, employee activity and asset tracking.

Our hi-tech GPS Tracking system is complete and operates anywhere in the world wherever GSM is available. Our GPS System may allow you or your clients to easily monitor thousands of vehicles, fleets, employees or assets directly on street level aerial maps or satellite maps, and display their current or previous location on maps or detailed reports.

We provide everything you need to start making money this very instance with your own branded GPS tracking solution. We supply all necessary mapping technology, GPS hardware and support for you to get started with your own solution or your new business venture.

Deliver new services that enhance your customer relationships with your own GPS Tracking Website today !

......Contact us now for more information!



Home >  Get your Own Custom GPS Tracking Website
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