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GPS vehicle trackers, GPS vehicle tracking, GPS Asset Trackers, GPS tracking Systems and more     


Are you concerned about having your company vehicles or assets stolen ?

Concerned about where your company employees, teenager or spouse is while away from home or work... Locate a loved one or an employee easily with our GPS Vehicle Trackers.



Our real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers, Passive GPS Trackers, GPS Tracking Devices, GPS vehicle tracking equipment and GPS Trackers are of the highest technology and sold on our GPS Tracking website at very low prices!

Our plug & play REAL TIME GPS Vehicle Trackers are designed for easy discreet installation and set-up. our GPS Trackers arean excellent tool to catch your cheating spouse, monitor your employees, track packages, track company vehicles , track your own vehicle, or see what your children are really doing away from home. If you suspect something is going on behind your back, you are probably right. You simply need the proof, and that is what our GPS Trackers or any of our selection of GPS Trackers and GPS Tracking Products will do for you. Our Real time GPS Trackers and Passive GPS Trackers can accurately evaluate all travel activities with proof of exact date, time, speed, direction of travel and location. Our in-house Spy Shop also offers may different (REAL TIME & PASSIVE ) GPS Vehicle Tracker models available. Contact us for more details on our GPS Tracking Solutions, Internet GPS Tracking Products, GPS Personal Trackers, Personal GPS Locators, GPS Fleet Tracking for your company and more.   

Our hi-tech miniature Vehicle Trackers, GPS Asset Trackers and GPS Personal Trackers are one of the worlds smallest completely self-contained, waterproof, magnetic-mount, real-time digital GPS asset tracking / person tracking / vehicle tracking devices available. Our GPS Trackers and GPS Tracking Device are all perfect for all GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle surveillance applications. Our real time GPS Trackers can be placed in a trailer, container, shipping pallet, container, trailer, box, car, automobiles, cargo, company vehicle, backpack or on anything needed to be tracked online or discreetly monitored online via our GPS system. Our real time GPS vehicle trackers are self contained with hi-technology GPS Tracking Systems and superior GPS Tracking software. Most of our GPS Tracking Devices ( including our GPS asset trackers) even work extremely well indoors and outdoors unlike traditional GPS tracking products that require line of sight and work poorly when taken indoors.

Our GPS Trackers allow you to track an asset / person / vehicle from your own PC or laptop on real time ! ....Click on image below to see our live online GPS tracking demo.


\\Click to See our Live GPS Tracking Demo



GPS vehicle trackers are available in many different sizes supporting a diversity of networks. We at USA Security Products .com have GPS Vehicle Trackers  and Passive or Real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers ideal for just about every single industry. Our GPS Vehicle Trackers serve private security, law enforcement, limousine services, fleet management, concerned parents, waste management, corporations, employers, limousine services and more. When choosing a GPS tracking device or a GPS vehicle Tracker unit the supported network is important. With GPS vehicle Trackers may be available using the GPRS, GSM, and CDMA networks and selecting GPS Vehicle Trackers for your existing network is always easy at USA Security Products .com

The reason why the GPS Vehicle trackers supported network is very important is that the GPS Tracker device has to relay GPS Tracking data and GPS Tracking location information from the vehicle back to either our Real time GPS Vehicle Tracker servers or to the clients Real time GPS Tracker private servers. However, if real-time GPS tracking data isn't as important in your specific industry, Our GPS Tracking Services and GPS Vehicle Tracker Products offer a numerous cost effective passive GPS Trackers also known as GPS data loggers that transmits the GPS location history data only once the vehicles return to your home or office. Additionally, Our GPS Trackers are offered in the form of GPS-enabled cell phones that may send employee location data to our GPS Vehicle tracker servers.


Real Time GPS vehicle trackers and Passive GPS Vehicle Trackers are available here at USA Security Products .com either for purchase or for rent. The advantage to renting our rentable GPS vehicle trackers is that budget-conscious persons or companies can eliminate the added monthly GPS tracker monitoring expenses and there is no contract to sign with our rented Real time GPS Vehicle Trackers or Passive Vehicle trackers. Nevertheless, if you buy or rent our GPS Vehicle Trackers, brings a warranty ensuring you are covered if something goes wrong with the GPS Vehicle Trackers.
GPS vehicle trackers installed inside of a vehicle can monitor more than just Vehicle location data and Vehicle location data. When the GPS Vehicle Trackers are used with our GPS tracking software--a wealth of information on an employee or mobile workforce can be easily tracked and monitored online and viewed via the internet from your home or office. Details our GPS Vehicle trackers can provide vehicle location, vehicle speed, vehicle direction, and vehicle stops, vehicle idle status and more.


Whether your fleet consists of one vehicle or 2,000 vehicles, the idea of integrating GPS tracking devices and GPS Trackers into each can seem complicated and certainly expensive. But with USA Security Products and our GPS Tracking Products / hardware and GPS Vehicle Tracking software, it is very simple. Integrating GPS Vehicle trackers into your mobile workforce will always increase employee productivity while reducing operating costs. Despite this fact, many businesses are somewhat reluctant to invest the time and upfront cost required for implementing such GPS Tracking technology and GPS Tracking solutions. For this matter, we at USA Security Products .com have developed special GPS Tracking programs for clients who would like to try any of our GPS Vehicle Trackers (real time GPS trackers or Passive GPS Trackers) before they buy any of them or before they buy GPS Tracking Solution. Contact a GPS vehicle Tracking Sales Consultant today for more information on Real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers, GPS Passive Trackers, Passive GPS Data loggers or if you require help choosing the correct GPS Vehicle Tracker products and GPS Tracking services that cater to your industry or company needs and budget. We have superior location based services, GPS Tracking equipment/ products and GPS Trackers available for every GPS Tracking solution.

Need to Track an asset, track a person, track vehicles, fleet management, Track children, track spouse, tracke employees, track company vehicles, track your vehicle or simply need GPS Vehicle tracking services or location based services...then you have come to the right place.Most of our GPS Tracking devices have assisted GPS tracking technology not found with other GPS tracking companies. Contact us today for all your GPS tracking systems, GPS Vehicle Trackers and location based services offerd online via our GPS Tracking website...we have the finest GPS Tracking system and GPS tracking solution available.

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