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Bank account activity check transactions and movements

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The bank account activity check search is used to find out who the subject writes checks to, and also shows all bank account activity on the subjects checking account or savings account. This search can only be ordered with with a court document that allows you to receive this information by law. Some documents that allow you to access this information are judgments, liens, or other court papers that allow for this information to be received. A attorney may also order this search with only a good reason.

To order the bank account activity check search you must fax a copy of the required legal documents to us at 305-822-7238 before of after you order. We must receive a faxed copy, or a mailed copy of the legal documents that allow you to access this information before this search will be completed. When we receive this information we will then start the bank activity detail search.

To mail the documents please mail to:

8004 NW 154 Street, #274
Miami, FL 33016

About this search.

This search will show you all activity on the subjects bank account, or a business bank account. It will also show you any activity on the subjects savings account, or the business savings account. This information will include deposits, checks wrote, drafts, electronic withdraws, ATM transactions, and much more. This information you receive from this search will be the same as information that owner of the account gets when he, or she gets a statement from their account. The bank account activity search is almost like receiving a full statement from the bank.

You must provide us with the subjects full name (First middle, and last name) or full business name.
We also require the subjects bank name, address, city, state, and zip code.
Also you must provide us with the checking, or savings account number.

Results will be available in approximately 2 weeks.

A court order is required to order this search such documents may include a judgment, or other court filling, a letter from an attorney with bar number, with a good reason, power of attorney request, certificate of death (Estate search), Spousal documentation in a "community property in AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA, or WI. Please contact us at 800-743-2313 if you have any questions about this search.


Results that you will receive.

  You will receive a full output of all transactions in the last 3 months or last three cycles. This will include all withdraws, deposits, drafts, ATM transactions, credits, bank charges, and more. All activity on the bank account will be listed. This search will include dates, and date/time for ATM transactions.
  • ATM transactions. (Very nice to track subjects movements, or locations)
  • Deposits
  • Withdraws
  • Checks (With check numbers, amount, and date)
  • Bank fees (Basic fees from bank)
  • Other bank fees such as returned checks.
  • Dates of postings.
  • Time, and date from ATM transactions.
  • Place of ATM machine or bank name for ATM transactions.

This is the same information that the subject gets from his, or her bank account. This is the same information that will be printed on the subjects statement. A court order is required to order this search.



  • The subject must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Subject must be a US citizen.
  • Subjects first, and last name.
  • Bank name, address, city, state, and zip code.
  • Bank account number (Checking #, or savings #)
  • We are only able to search in the US.
  • Court order/ documentation required. or letter from attorney
    with bar number and a good reason for request.
Faqs about this search.
  • The person that you search will not know they were searched.
  • Your information is not shared with anyone.
  • All Information is stored with security 24/7.
  • This information is free of charge. You pay for our labor and services only.
  • Search performed by an employee at our detective firm.
  • Technical support phone number and email.
  • Quick results sent directly to you.
  • Guaranteed credit card safety.
  • The results you receive are not resold.
  • You pay our research only not for the results you receive.
  • Results available within 1-2 weeks.

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Bank account activity trace
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