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| Portable Lie Detector-Voice Stress Unit [PE-TG-286L]
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Portable Lie Detector-Voice Stress Unit [PE-TG-286L]
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Can you handle the truth? The De-FIB-ulator is the first hand-held voice tension detector. It’s certain to add a little fun to your life. Imagine the fun you’ll have when you show off the deFIBulator at your next party. Use it for a game of truth or dare and you’ll see who’s being honest and who’s not. The DeFIBulator is destined to be the most talked about new novelty product this year. After extensive research and development in labs in Singapore, Spion has developed the first generation of the DeFIBulator hand-held voice tension detector. The DeFIBulator utilizes voice tension technology to measure varying degrees of vibration in the voice. These vibrations are caused by the user going from a state of calm, to being a little nervous as you would when you lie. Even an F.B.I. polygraph isn’t 100% accurate but after extensive testing, the DeFIBulator was shown to have a very highaccuracy rate. It can even be connected to your cell phone! As a matter of fact, because of the digital connection it will actually be much more accurate.

To train the DeFIBulator to the human voice, ask your subject 3 yes/no questions and then record the voice to establish a baseline. Then ask the real yes/no questions and watch the figure on the screen. DemonochioÕsÓ nose will grow and his horns will appear. The greater the tension in the voice, the longer his nose and horns will be. The DeFIBulator is to be used for amusement only and is guaranteed to be the life of the party.

Unit dimensions: 2X0.50X3 inches

Boxed Weight: 0.25lbs

Boxed Dimensions: 4.75X9.25X1 inches

Home >   > Portable Lie Detector-Voice Stress Unit [PE-TG-286L]
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