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NOW IN STOCK! [PE-CSR/PRO--1]995B00/1058-90
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General Description

CSR/PRO 6105 is Professional Radio Frequency (bug) Detector and locator. The broadband receiver is designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including:

Room Transmitters,
Telephone Transmitters,
Body Bugs &
Video Transmitters.

Broadband receivers such as the CSR/PRO 6105 provide a very important cost-effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personal, and private citizens with important security needs.

The CSR/PRO 6105 is very effective for rapidly detecting and locating transmitted signals, while being very easy to learn to use. The unit includes a custom case that contains all items necessary to conduct a professional sweep.

The CSR/PRO 6105 includes both monitor and detection modes.

The CSR/PRO 6105 indicates RF strength signal and demodulates the receiving signal using both AM & FM signal processing.


CSR/PRO, Hard Shell Case, Low Frequency Antenna, High Frequency Antenna, Infrared/Carrier Current Probe, Phone Line injection unit, Stereo Headphones and Instructions.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Ranges

VLF Band

RF Band

20-400 KHz

400 KHz 8 GHz


VLF Probe

Frequency Response


RF Probes

Frequency Response



20-400 KHz

-35 dBm

400KHz 3 GHz / 1.5 8 GHz

40 dB Center Range

-50 dBm

Audio Amplifier

Frequency Response

Dynamic Range

50 Hz 16 KHz

80 dB

Headphone Output




Alert Output

2 x 16 Characters

Variable Tone


8 x AA Alkaline Life 10-16 Hr

Optional NiMH 1800 mAh

Low Battery Indicator

30% remaining power


205 x 185 x 56 mm

Home >   > NOW IN STOCK! [PE-CSR/PRO--1]995B00/1058-90
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