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| Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Pone Stun Gun [CE-ICP900]
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Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Pone Stun Gun [CE-ICP900]
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This "cell phone" can't  call for help but with 900,000 volts of protection you won't need to!  This is the most realistic looking cell phone stun gun on the market today and at 900,000 volts it is one of the highest voltage stun guns available.  Also, with the built in 12 LED flashlight, you will never be left in the dark again.  With its slender, compact size (less than 4 inches tall) it provides discrete protection and a conveninent flashlight.  To prevent accidental discharge it has two levels of safety. A stylish holster is included for easy carrying, or just slip it into a purse or pocket.  As with all high quality Streetwise Stun Guns this unit comes with a lifetime warranty.  It operates on three (3) CR2 batteries (not included).  The CR2 battery is a common photo battery available from most retail stores (like WalMart) that sell cameras however you can buy them from us directly at a great wholesale price.

Home >   > Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Pone Stun Gun [CE-ICP900]
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